Astrology Chart Balancing Crystal Set

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Discover the unique power of aligning with your astrological rising sign, or if you prefer, your sun sign. Not sure about your signs? No worries—head to our  Free birth chart report to uncover them! Introducing our Astrological Houses Crystal Set—a unique and powerful collection of crystals, each resonating with the energy of the twelve astrological houses. This set is designed to harmonize and enhance various aspects of your life, from self-expression to career, relationships, and spiritual growth.

Key Features:

1. Astrological Alignment: Each crystal in this set corresponds to one of the twelve astrological houses, creating a comprehensive toolkit for personal development and spiritual alignment.

2. Curated Crystal Collection: The set includes Red Jasper for House 1 (Self), Pyrite for House 2 (Material Possessions), Blue Lace Agate for House 3 (Communication), Howlite for House 4 (Home and Family), Sunstone for House 5 (Creativity and Pleasure), Black Tourmaline for House 6 (Work and Health), Rose Quartz for House 7 (Partnerships and Marriage), Bloodstone for House 8 (Death and Regeneration), Blue Aventurine for House 9 (Philosophy and Travel), Clear Quartz for House 10 (Career and Public Life), Amethyst for House 11 (Friendships and Groups), and Smoky Quartz for House 12 (Secrets and Sorrows).

3. Versatile Spiritual Tools: Ideal for astrology enthusiasts, meditation, reiki, and other spiritual practices. Each stone can be used to focus on specific life areas, enhancing energy flow and balance.

4. Holistic Well-Being: Regular use of these stones can aid in balancing life aspects represented by the astrological houses, promoting mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

5. Educational Guide Included:Comes with a guide explaining the properties of each stone and their correspondence with the astrological houses, along with usage tips.

6. Beautifully Packaged: The set is elegantly packaged, making it an excellent gift for anyone interested in astrology, crystal healing, or personal growth.


- Set Includes: 12 Astrological House Crystals
- Stone Dimensions: Varies per stone
- Material: Natural, High-Quality Crystals

Care Instructions:

Gently clean the stones with a soft cloth. Store in a dry, peaceful space, and handle with care.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and cosmic harmony with our Astrological Houses Crystal Set. Each stone is a key to unlocking the energy and potential within each astrological house."

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